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High-altitude climber and executive leader on a personal challenge to conquer the Seven Summits


High-altitude climber and executive leader on a personal challenge to conquer the Seven Summits


High-altitude climber and executive leader on a personal challenge to conquer the Seven Summits


Through his passion for adventure, Executive General Manager Fahad Badar is challenging himself physically and mentally to represent Qatar on the Seven Summits. 

Fahad Badar throughout his entire career has worked in the banking sector, where his leadership skills and expertise have seen him rise up the executive ladder. Currently, he holds the position of Executive General Manager, International Banking at Commercial Bank of Qatar.

Fahad Badar is one of the few Qataris that is pursuing his passion for adventure travel, which has led him to push himself both physically and mentally further each time. The challenge of joining mountaineering expeditions appealed to his character, which gave him the opportunity to apply his analytical and management experience to climbing the mountain itself. Mountain climbing has taught him multiple disciplines and gave him skills that he could never imagine to experience in normal day corporate life.

Now, Fahad is preparing for his biggest life challenge to date, to Climb Mount Everest.

Mountaineering has given Fahad a platform to promote topics close to his heart from physical health, community engagement, cancer awareness, and creating further public recognition of the important venues and entities Qatar offers for both physical development and engagement, to the more critical areas which the country tries to promote.

training regime

Fahad took on physical fitness and mental training long before his expeditions into Mountaineering. As a Martial Arts aficionado since 1998 and an Aikido black belt practitioner since 2000, the system of Martial Arts and Akido training develops not only a strong individual, but one with knowledge and positive energy. 

Akido has helped Fahad to develop his clarity of mind which has given him a constant striving for perfection in all things, thus allowing him to focus on developing both his mental and physical strength, that became a way of life.


Within these years of training he laid the necessary physical and mental foundations required for mountaineering. The world of mountaineering can instruct one to be confident. In addition also having the necessary technical skills and be well prepared physically to face the risks and know what you’re going to do; are all attributes required for success.


Years of Training



Arnis (Stick and Knife Fighting)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu