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In the beginning, people climbed mountains to conquer them. Yet they discovered that the mountains ended up granting them a guidance that they had never anticipated.

You may have heard many times that whether you are climbing a mountain or the corporate ladder, the same requirements for success as a business leader can also be applied in mountaineering. However, this depends on exactly where you are on that ladder. In the board room, we ask for a plan, yet in the office, we know that those same plans will be outdated as soon as they are finished because of the pace at which the business world operates. So with this at the back of my mind, I knew that no matter how much planning I may do to prepare for the mountain, I will have to adapt and learn to take quick action based on the situation.

As I had little mountain climbing experience, I applied my business acumen with as much thought and research into what I would need to climb a mountain, what would my experience be, who I should use as my guide, and started from there. 

I hope you will enjoy my experiences and my expeditions on the mountains as I begin my journey to summit Mount Everest this Spring 2019.